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drive everyday with a bathroom.


our story

begins with a personal experience.

The Freedom story begins with inspiration from Co-Owner, Clint Drawdy’s wife, Jennifer. Facing a “new normal” after numerous GI surgeries, Jennifer battles chronic discomfort, frequency and urgency to use the restroom. This makes being away from the comfort of home very difficult. With 4 young children and a busy life to conquer, Clint went on a quest to find a daily-driver van with a bathroom facility but was unable to find a vehicle to fit their family needs.

The conversion companies he spoke with were sympathetic, but unable to help, so Clint built out a custom bathroom in a Mercedes Sprinter. Initially skeptical of the idea, Jennifer quickly adopted the new van and gained the freedom she longed for. Now able to comfortably run errands, attend sporting events, tailgate and go on extended trips, Jennifer was the catalyst to the Freedom Conversions story!


Once Jennifer’s doctors learned of the Freedom Conversions concept, they urged the Drawdy’s to bring more vans to market. Since then, the ownership group has refined the build-out to meet or exceed even the most meticulous fit and finish standards in the custom vehicle market. With over two years of research and development, we will give you confidence to invest in a vehicle that will help transform life for you and your family.

Not only do vans with restrooms appeal to the medical community, there are multiple needs for a Freedom Conversions van. Large families benefit from the extra capacity and ability to make less comfort stops during travel. Tailgating and beach excursions are made more convenient…the uses are endless to live freely on the road.



Sprinter vans can be converted on the "standard" or "high-roof" units. Vehicle options include new or used. Price varies based upon the vehicle and features desired.


Standard-roof sprinter 

Low Roof Sprinter Van
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Bathroom in Van



High-roof sprinter 

High Roof Sprinter Unit
High Roof Conversion Van
Toilet in Van
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